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Most certainly worthy of its own thread; the game that


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had a roster of college signees like this; (college and number of players going to each for football).   

FSU - 8,  UGA - 8, Miami - 4, Auburn - 4,  Florida - 4, GA tech - 3, Bama - 3, Memphis - 3, Tennessee - 2,  Arkansas - 1, LSU - 1 and a few smaller schools like GA Southern and Valdosta State.

a game that was already at level-10 in shit-talking and chippiness during pregame to where officials stood on the 50 yard-line I guess to try and show who's in charge for the day.  Didn't last long, lol.

a game played during a time when high school football still meant something to the players until August of your freshman year in college.

a game who's rivalry starts way back in Pop Warner on who's state is the all-around best.

a game that is 20-years old and still ranks as a top shelf game on any given day, sure you know who wins and what-not but the overall size, speed, and attitude won't happen like this again.

a game, a series, a rivalry that should never end.  Start w/ each states top signees and go down the list until you have 33 from each state that agree to play one last game before college.

a game that had the GA Dome rockin' w/ hits but only 15,000 in attendance,  louder than Falcon games back then.

The 1999 Georgia v Florida all-star game all day long! 

I forgot how bad-ass Kentrell Curry and Ricardo Winbush were back then.  FUCK!  Demetrius Terry and Johnny Rutherford, Dantonio Burnett and Ricky Reed (Northside Eagles), and then the tough guys; Jeffery Wamble the Beast, Alonzo Jackson, Shedrick Wynn, Marcus Lewis, and Mike Fowler - mean as hell!

Georgia offense just lights out fast, tough as nails all day long!  Marv Smith and Bruce Thorton just ran ahead on a mission.  A brutal mission at that!  Gilstrap was quarterback of the day for GA.


Florida's defense had one of my fav's of all time; kevin Verpale.  Loved the way the kid played the game.  Cory Collier was all over the field that day, as way Jason Dykes and Antonio Carter.  Fast as could be back on that D.  I think the other was Kendell Pope (Columbia Tiger guy if not mistaken :) ).  I want to say Lito Shepard was the other starting D-back on the day. 

Florida's offense had one of the coolest named running backs in Tank Reese!  Damn he was scary when he got his head down and speed up.  This offense was NICE!  Andre Johnson, Kevin Beard, and Micheal Gaines as receivers for none other than Houdini, I mean Anquan Boldin!  John Shaw and Ryan May were another tough as hell duo all game long.   Elgin Hicks had one of the biggest hits of the day and he was on offense, lol.

Cool pre-game interview w/ Florida's HC Sam Sarianni.  He gave tons of credit to STA and said he'd probably have 3 titles to his name if wasn't for STA.  He seems like a cool coach.  

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