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Problem with American politics


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as I see it

In November we will have 2 men over 70 years of age facing off to become president of the United States

The speaker of the house is over 60

The leader of the senate is also 60 plus 

I personally find the speaker of the house to be repulsive and dont agree with anything she has to say

The leader of the senate is doing his best to make sure trump agenda is seen through but he is also compromised by his wife whose family has major ties to China. As to why that isn't in the news constantly is kind of perplexing 

I personally have always had more in common with the older generation as they made a lot more sense than my own generation. 

In my personal opinion biden has no views. He flip flops with whatever he is being told to do. He went from mass incarceration of blacks to apparently blacks best friend. 

Trump on the other hand which I do agree with alot speaks like its 1950 and doesn't attempt to relate to the younger generation. But to do that you have to flap in the wind as they have no clue what they truly stand for. 

As a 33 year old. I dont agree with anything my generation supposedly stands for. I would rather go back to 1950 where to me things made much more sense. 

We are definitely at a crossroads in america and I fear daily that a biden victory would destroy this country as he has no real stance and will just do whatever his people tell him to do. 

The worst thing america politicians did was to tell everyone ur gonna be equal across the board. Your not. We have rich middle poor. The way it always has been. The way it should be as in every society. 

If u wanna be rich work for it

If you wanna be poor dont do shit and live on the corner. 

You get what u put into the system 

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