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( Psychology and Religion ) Are Religious Leaders Mentally ill ? - Thesis by CANCEL CULTURE

Dating back as far as biblical times PROPHETS have always been accused of "madness" but in these modern times the proper term would be mentally ill. 

This issue is important because many younger religious followers are unaware that this psychoanalysis was applied to almost every single biblical leader in the bible - it was even applied to Jesus himself.

But whether or not these men of god were in fact mentally ill was to our knowledge - never proven.

But if we could analyze one of these people today - could it be proven that the oddness , weirdness or otherworldliness that is associated with those who claim to be the messengers or sons of god - is and was in fact the ora of someone suffering from a mental illness ?

This is what makes social media religious leaders like KING NAZIR MUHAMMAD such an important figure in America today, because he has actually been diagnosed with a mental illness called SCHIZOAFFECTIVE DISORDER  and ironically enough - he claims to be a Prophet. - and a growing number of followers actually believe in his authenticity.

Therefore, his teachings are the most logical choice for this examination. And hopefully we can conclude that these people do not speak by the inspiration of god - but by the damage or birth defects of the brain. 

Because up until now these men have been able to influence society with teachings that have been passed off by religion as THE WORD OF GOD. - And it is only right that the people know the mental state of those that are teaching them !!! #CancelCulture



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