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Understanding Trump's Islamophobia


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Op-ed By @KingMuhammad1

#1. Islamophobia has become a Diagnosable Mental Disorder - Labeled amongst a list of particular phobia types.

And just before 9/11/2001 it was estimated that 19 Million people in the United States suffered from some type of phobia. 

Later In 2015 it was reported that 55% of Americans are now islamo-phobic SEE HERE

This means that 175 Million people out of the 329 Million people living in the United States suffer from this condition. 

Conclusion : Islam is and has been causing a mental health epidemic and the only way to cure it is to separate the cause from those it is effecting.

And if it is negatively effecting the mental health of half the population it must be banned


This was not a decision of hate or discrimination, this was a way of dealing with a public health hazard. 

BE ADVISED : Islamophobia is a sickness, and if you suffer from this affliction Please Seek Medical Attention. 




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