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Viera 17 Cocoa 24 in 2OT


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Viera led for most of game at Cocoa but gave up a tying TD with a minute left in regulation.  Viera missed two fg's and outplayed Cocoa for most of game. Cocoa was stymied for most of game until NG for Viera was lost to injury at end of 3rd qt. Cocoa was able to run straight up the middle with ease for the entire 4th qt. and tied it  at 10 all with under a minute in game.This is last true test for Viera during regular season. They should make  a deep run in class 7 playoffs if QB continues to improve and defense can avoid anymore injuries. Jacksonville Lee in third or fourth round should be a great game.  

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It was a defensive battle. Viera showed they were conditioned well over the summer. No quit in either team. Viera has a towering defense and are lean and fast. Cocoa showed grit and the battle tests of past came to play at the end of the game when they Gains ran it up the middle for a tying TD. The loss of one player should never cause a team to lose a game when you have a roster the size of Viera's which is almost Triple Cocoa's roster size.

It was one hell of a game for sure.

Viera is improved by 3X from seasons past. They will make noise in the playoffs, but STA and Venice loom in the distance.


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