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Trumpcare huting the middle class

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Why are the insurance companies raising rates when the top 5 health insurers had over $25 billion in profit in 2017? It is a big lie that the health insurers have to keep raising rates.

Trump has sold you a lie and is no better than anyone else. He has done NOTHING to fix this.

$25 Billion in profit in 2017. Yes, raise the rates!


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18 minutes ago, Sportsnut said:

25x25 with no yard.

Lol @Sportsnut how many times a day can you possibly be wrong 






my pond is 20x 20 lol 2 nd floor deck is 100x 15

dont get me started on how many square feet my 3 floor House is 



u live in love joy I live in Bergen County attended a BNU school... you really have no idea who the fuck ur talking to



u keep playing jokes that I live in a storage container but I just let it ride because I feel bad cause like you said u live in the ghetto 



 I give change to people like you when they come up to me begging for reparations 



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