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Doubling Down - Subtitled Why People Lose


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One of the first lessons one must learn if one is to become a successful trader is never, ever double down. If you buy something and it starts going down, the best action is to sell it. But even if one must hold it, you never, ever, ever double down. For to do so is to eventually take the mother of all losses. The kind of loss one never recovers from.
Why did I type the above? To reflect on the idea of how doubling down permeates every facet of human behavior. Exhibit A is the ridiculous degree to which supporters of NO 45, try and rationalize and throw unmitigated support behind every dumb thing he does on both the domestic and world stages. Thus, we have die in the wool conservatives supporting his cozying up to Russia, his trashing of our traditional allies, things that they would have never, ever dreamed of doing before he came to power ... all the while saying that what he is doing actually makes sense and enhances our world standing and economic status ... never mind that he is taking us to a place where world power USA has never been. 
This damn behavior reminds me of passengers on a doomed vessel. Knowing the ship is going down and feeling nothing can be done about it, they sing and party ...
We may be very well about to take the mother of all losses. And his cheerleaders think this is funny. SHMDFH. I guess I am seeing in real time why Democracy is a failed experiment ...
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