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The Mueller probe!


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OKEEDOKEE boys, the Mueller Special Counsel has been going on for well over a YEAR now! At a cost to the American taxpayer, in excess of $10,000,000!!!!! MY question is, WHY? Special Counsels are implemented to investigate CRIMES! Maybe I'm jist a por lil pig farmer from Moultrie, Ga., BUT! WHERE'S THE FUCKING CRIME? WE DON'T LIKE TRUMP, AIN'T a CRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CONVERSELY, Hillary Rodman Clinton, committed UNTOLD high crimes and misdemeanors, while destroying classified emails, servers, and cell phones! And SHE gets a PASS for what was said to be a MATTER! FURTHER, virtually EVERY high echelon actor in the Department of Justice and FBI, committed TREASONOUS acts, yet there is NOTHING TO SEE HERE!

We need to wrap this Mueller probe up YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And as Trey Gowdy so eloquently stated in a close door Congressional setting to Deputy AG Rob Rosenstein,(a DEEPLY conflicted actor himself) PUT UP, or SHUT UP! 

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