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U.S. Debt On Track to Grow to 'Highest Level in U.S. History by Far' Says CBO

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The RepliCONS on this site boast daily about how well the economy is doing and the "boom." Yet, they fail to mention this.

1. Largest GOVERNMENT spending in the history of the world (they claim they want less government). Lie

2. Boost the US debt after mocking the last president for 8 years in it.

And yet, they will tell you the economy is "humming along."

So. Much. Winning.



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U.S. debt has nearly doubled under President Obama. U.S. debt now stands at over$19 trillion. It was at $10 trillion at the end of President George W. Bush's term.

Government Debt in the United States - Debt Clock
At the end of FY 2018 the gross US federal government debt is estimated to be $21.48 trillion, according to the FY19 Federal Budget. Of this gross amount, debt ...


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