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Well...I've Talked To Florence....


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And she said she was gonna hold off till Saturday morning before assaulting Georgia.  She said she was gonna do that so she could watch a bunch of poor, tiny, little undersized and inexperienced Hawgs play against The Mighty Warner Robins Red Demons....with their secret weapon...The Fromms.

Personally....I think that's a double-edged sword.  I mean...Colquitt gets to play the game...BUT...Colquitt has to play the game against the BEST team in Warner Robins in over a decade.  When I say...Oh Woe Is Us....I mean....OH WOE IS US !!!!!

"Doc" said this morning...if the Demons score 50 points...they're gonna beat us.  

I reckon Rush knows what he's doing...but just in case...I called on the Methodists for help.  Most people don't know...but Obi Wan Kenobi was a Methodist.  A Jedi Methodist.  Hey...we do what we think we hafta do......

Help us Obi Wan Kenobi...you could be our only hope !!!!!




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