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Short Recap Of Alcovy vs Colquitt


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The Alcovy Tigers fought hard and put on a great show....and then...the game kicked off.  

All that practice....all that weight room work...all that desire to play well...definitely helped our underclassmen last night.  Those young men stepped up and made the Packer Nation proud.  At Colquitt...you hafta be ready to play.  You can be thrust into action at any point.  Not only were our young guys ready...they executed the gameplan to perfection on both sides of the ball.  The 2nd half was a blur....(Smile).  

So now...we rest up...we stay focused.  And we heal.  We'll be invaded on October 12th by a bunch of crazed Bluecats lead by General Bullet Bob Sphire.  The history between Camden and Colquitt is absolutely amazing.  It's always been...to the bitter end.  Nothing left unspent.  A lot of good people on the Georgia coast...but...for one night...they'll be the enemy.  And before I leave ya....I wanna shout out to my Camden pal....

Hey "press"....I know you're reading this.  I know ya can't type back...but I shore wish there was a way for you to show your big ass up for the game.  I honestly do.  RIP my Bluecat friend....RIP.




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