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South Georgia - Northern Florida football at its finest!


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2001 was the season - Valdosta GA and Tallahassee FL were the places to be!¬† (and I was ūüôā¬†)¬† My only FL state title game I had the pleasure of attending and it was at the Doak!


Kickoff Friday night takes us right to it!  Week 2 of a very promising season for both teams.  Valdosta v Lincoln, talent v talent, speed v speed!  High school football at its best!

Kickoff Friday 8pm EST. 

     2001 Valdosta GA v Lincoln FL - size and speed all over the field.  The energy level of this one was off the charts!  Rumor has it the game could be heard from Tallahassee to Valdosta and back.


Kickoff Saturday keeps us down south Georgia :) 

Kickoff Saturday 5pm EST

      2001 Valdosta GA v Stephenson GA in a wild one.  Stephenson always brings tons of athletes but can they finally put it together hosting the mighty Wildcats. 

 Kickoff Saturday 9pm EST - state title time!   

     2001 Valdosta GA v Parkview GA.  This one is the big Cat battle and a battle it is.  Parkview brings in the win streak and Frenchie Fire!!!  Home in the Dome for the Panthers.


Kickoff Sunday takes us almost 3 hours south into Tallahassee Florida.  What a beautiful city for sure!  There is football in the air my friends!

Kickoff Sunday 5pm EST

     2001 Lincoln Tally FL v Palm Bay FL in this AAAA semifinal.  It only got better from here.  All kinds of speed on this day!  Love the style of play from Palm Bay - they bring it to the Trojans for sure.

Kickoff Sunday 9pm EST - this is the Biggie!!!!  A top 3 in my book.

      2001 Lincoln FL v St Thomas Aquinas.  Wow, one of the best high school football games I had the pleasure of attending live and in person.  Played at Doak Campbell Stadium - the tailgate and tour of the facilities was amazing.  The game - even better!  Quarterback Shula was like a field general but the mighty Trojans came ready to square off.  Big boy fight to the end, the very end.  Not sure how many D1 players on the field but had to be close to 15 - 20.  


     I'll say it over and over, this lock down is still making me crazy but once again thank God for high school football!!  Oh and by the way, the Governor of PA is an ass!   

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