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Last thing ill say about protesting a police reactions


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Our country and president is a complete shit show when its ok for police to use force on its citizens that it doesn't even use on its enemies.

Also those who don't know America has never been great. If America isn't great for all its law abiding citizens then its not great. Which is why the phrase is so offensive. America wasn't great when blacks fought against the redcoats and had to return back to slavery after the war. It want great when blacks fought in both world wars and came back home to the same racism lynchings jim crow and segregation.

Its a shame schools don't teach about black wallstreet or the tuskegee experiments. Its also a shame Americans don't know what JuneTeenth is you have to be a racist ignorant post to claim yourself to be a Christian and American and ignore all these things in hostiry and act like there is no problem.

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