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Reflections From Amelia Island...or...Fingers Crossed


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Well Gurus....

Ms. Violet and I are back on the Island and I've had some time to digest last night's victory.  First a few "truths" and then some inspired Gospel.  Read this and be saved....

1.  A win is a win is a win - spoken to me by Lord Jim Hughes many years back.  Adding the all famous..."an ugly win is better than a pretty loss" to our conversation.  We do not complain about winning games.  We take them...and hold them...and appreciate them... cause they CAN be few and far between.  So I whole heatedly thank Buddha for allowing my poor, tiny, little undersized and inexperienced Hawgs...to come out on the top side last night.  In other words...we'll definitely take it.

2.  Sometimes you don't play your best game - Steven Krajewski is an outstanding athlete and team leader.  As this season progresses...he will prove his worth to the scouts and whomever else happens to be watching.  The young man has SKILLS.  But last night...things went awry and the harder he pushed...the more awry it seemed to get.  He was disappointed.  Rush was disappointed.  And "Doc" is still drinking Elixir.  But in the words of one of the finest coaches I've ever know (Nick Hyder)..."you just gotta FLUSH IT".   The next game is what counts.  I'm thinking Steven will do exactly that.  

3.  You play with them you got - Yes, Colquitt has some injuries in the WR and O-Line positions.  Yes, we would LOVE to have them in our arsenal right now.  But we don't.  So the old adage of "next man up" applies BIG TIME for us.  Our backups simply hafta step up...under fire.  And when you get down to it...I wasn't displeased in what I saw last night.  Did we make some mistakes recognizing several blitz packages?  YEP.  Will our younger guys learn from those negative experiences?  YEP.  I'm confident they will.  Injuries are part of football.  They're practically inevitable.  How you deal with them as a team...says a LOT about your team.  I just think we'll be OK.

4.  Defense wins championships - I've always questioned whether that little adage is true.  I still do today.  But if it's anywhere near true...then Colquitt is gonna be FINE.  Mo Dixon has already proven why Rush hired him in (2) games.  But it's not only Mo...it's the entire defensive staff.  I'll be honest...Mo runs an attack style defense.  No read defense for him.  We go after people.  And yes, there may be a few cases where we're susceptible to a long play.  Sure.  But when you look at the percentages...I'll take an attack defense over a read defense...any day.  truthfully, our Blackhats may hafta carry us for a few games.  And if they do...hey, I'm all in.

5.  The Vista Murrieta Broncos - There's been a lot of posting regarding these guys over the last few weeks.  But I'll lay it out for you.  I think their QB position may be a weak point...but I'll also say this...those guys make up for it in effort and determination.  There's NO QUIT.  I was impressed with the team and the coaching staff.  I'd pay money to watch them play...and that, my friends, is saying a lot...(Smile).  Lime Sink wishes them nothing but success in California.  Personally, I think they just might surprise a few...gurus.


Before I head to the liquor cabinet...just a few tidbits...

Congrats to the Thomasville (Ga) Bulldogs on getting their 700th win against their hated cross-town rivals (Thomas County Central).  Their HC (Zach Grage) is a former Colquitt OC and a Rush disciple.  Congrats to the Green Meanies (Grayson) on their big win over Hoover.  Somebody said SJB lost.  Say it ain't so !!!!  Valdosta took a hit last night losing their starting QB to injury.  The Cats won the game...but durn...that's some bad luck.  Now I heard...not sure it's true...but I heard that Brookwood lost its 2nd game to Walton last night.  I can't tell you how much I hate to hear that...LOL.  No I can't.

Folks...let's all prepare for the meeting in King's Landing.  I think we're gonna do it with "dragon wings" and "red ale".  Keep your fingers and eyes crossed..cause this could be worse than North Korea joining forces with Iran.

Oh Woe Is Us !!!!!




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