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1 minute ago, Hardcore Troubador said:

Thank you. For reminding me.  I was curious about this one.  If PC is reverting back to their historical norm this scrimmage will be an indication, as SJV is a solid but definitely second tier non-public.

Not a problem. I just saw it on Twitter. Obv PC not exactly blasting Sjv. Sjv scored on first drive it sound like and that's it. 

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Just now, paladin4ever said:

In other scrimmage news, Ramapo taking SHP to the woodshed. Lead 30-0

Beat me to it!  Unreal that they’re getting their asses handed to them this badly!  Vito left in the nick of time.  Then again this is what happens when you hire Eddie “Hashmark” Stinson as your defensive coordinator...

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6 minutes ago, paladin4ever said:

It’s good to see that there wasn’t a mass exodus after Sabella left.  Good to see kids with loyalty and a desire to build something.  That kind of stability is important.  And Whitehead seems to have an understanding of how the game has changed since he last coached in that league.

But I’ll say it again, “Scoop” Cooper just can not get off Jabrill’s jock.  Still pumping up PC teams from that era like his family’s life depends on it.

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