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OOS Flashback: 1998 Ruston, La vs Longview, TX


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This was a big game OOS game back in the day....Ruston and Longview had a great series going in the 90's...Ruston, La actually won a piece of the MNC in 1990 (maybe the best team ever in Louisiana).

Longview had lost to Katy in the 1997 5A State Championship game 24-3 and came into this game ranked #1 in TX....Ruston was ranked #10 in Louisiana.


Video starts off choppy for a 20 or so seconds, but is watchable after that.......this was a hard hitting game by two quality teams though both would go on to lose a couple games that year.

Game was in Longview, TX.

Longview (green) and Ruston (white)

Longview won 10-3


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I know one of the coaches from that Midland Lee team.  He has some good stories about that game vs West Monroe.  West Monroe told Lee at the 50 yard prior to the game that refs they decided on from Arkansas couldn't make it, so they hired refs from the local area.  It was originally going to be two year deal home and home and west Monroe told them in pregame they wouldn't be playing in Midland the next year.  

This coach said west Monroe was for real really good!!! 

He also said Lee struggled early in that season because they didn't return a single player on defense.  They also got beat by Odessa High after the Monroe game.

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20 hours ago, rockinl said:

How bout in 2010 and 2011? Name brand?

IMO - Desoto was not serious threat to win state until the last couple of years -  Mainly because the defense pretty much sucked.

In 2010-  I was at this game-  ended up being close even though Longview kicked ass for 3 qrts -  Remember Longview returning the On-side kick for score?

In 2010 Desoto didn't play any defense and had pretty damn good offense.

In 2011 - IMO this is when Desoto started building towards state contender - They hired new DC and started playing some defense. - I give Longview credit for beating pretty good team in 2011

This is how bad the defense was in 2010 

They plad 14 games - in 10 of the games they gave up these points - 35, 41, 46, 28, 47, 35, 38, 28, 72, 24 - Hell they gave up 18 points to Tulsa Noah Home school

2004 thru 2011 - desoto got beat in the 1st rd of the playoffs 2 times,  the 2nd round of the playoffs 4 times, the 4th rd 2 times

2012 team went 14-1 lost in the semi finals

2013 team went 14-1 lost in the semi finals

2014 and 15 teams - got beat in the 2nd round -  they had to play Allen in both playoff loses - 

they won state in 2016

IMO Desoto would have beat Longview 2012 thru 2016

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