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The "MYTH" of the Texas Longhorns recruiting OOS.


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Busted...the problem with Texas is NO ONE wants to go there and Texas loses almost every single recruiting battle to the "players"....

Of course the Texas idiots on this forum belittle LSU winning some recruiting wars. Texas can't even win Texas these days.

Hire a Fat Cajun next time!


Offers Breakdown

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The beauty of recruiting is that an Ohio St can come into NOLA and pull one of the best CBs in the nation who had offers from LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas, Baylor, Texas A&M, Georgia, Florida St, and etc......19 offers so far, 2022 class kid.

You lose some recruiting wars....Texas loses almost all of them. Don't cry about LSU or anyone else winning some. Ohio St is on the map. LSU may pull one from Ohio this year, who knows?...that's how the game is played.

4* Jyaire Brown (Warren Easton)


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LSU going to California and Texas this year and pulling these 2 Top 5 guys means LSU is on the Map.

TEXAS and everyone else in the nation offered,  Score 2 for LSU. Texas loses again. 


OLB Raesjon Davis (#3 rated nationally)


DE Landon Jackson (#5 rated DE nationally)


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Anyways, texans......start winning some recruiting wars and get OFF of everyone else's back that does.

You can't ride the backs of the "college football players" who have "the players" all your lives....just because a couple happen to be texans. Terrible look.

Cased closed!


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