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I'll TRY not to make this question TOO difficult for you Democrat Commies!...

Old Rabid One

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WHAT, EXACTLY is your endgame, by having the Southern border open for all to see? Because, if this insanity isn't ended in the foreseeable future! The USA will have the largest population of unskilled, uneducated, and unlawful migrants outside of India and China, on the PLANET! CERTAINLY, it'll give you Commies carte blanche to do whatever progressive bullshit you see fit to thrust upon the country BUT! A country like WHAT, VENEZUALA or QUUUUBA? CAREFUL WHATCHA WISH FOR CLOWNS! Your kids and grand kids will be paying for your transgressions FOREVER! And THIS doesn't even factor in, the tens of millions of Covid infected migrants, coming across the border, undetected. You unvaccinated fools are about to see HELL on EARTH!

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