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Lowndes Could've played Buford. But they didn't...

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As a Tift alumni I am not allowed to support Lowndes. But that doesnt stop me from saying that they're a good team.  And historically they have always been. 

I do give Lowndes Credit. Hell the first year they opened they had a good run it wasnt hard to tell that Lowndes would be one of the best programs in GA. 

But there is one thing that urks me. Their schedule... Now I'm not about to go jump off the deep end like rab and say they could beat MD,SJB or even BG and STA. But Lowndes is not a team you sleep on they will send you home with an L in a heartbeat.   Lowndes has beaten every in state power atleast 4 times except for Grayson and Buford.  

Lowndes is terrible at scheduling OOS though... and heres the thing that gets me. 

Randy Mcpherson has good South Florida ties I was once told that he communicated with the Miami and Broward schools quite often. But he doesnt schedule any of them.  

But on top of all that. He had couldve also played Buford. Both Lowndes and Buford had the same open date. Instead of playing ISB he couldve played Buford. And hell I wouldve made the trip from Savannah to Valdosta to see that. 

But he chose ISB instead....  

Which brings me to another point. 

Does ISB really need the money so bad that they'll take schlackings from Grayson,Elder(OH) and Brentwood Academy. I mean these are teams that have JV units that could beat ISB. 

If he needs money but wants suitable competition I can name some good 1A,2A and 3A schools he could play and get decent pay. And decent competition. 


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5 hours ago, ron169 said:

I almost wonder if ISB is using their schedule as a recruiting tool. Travel everywhere over the county and tell prospective recruits to come play here and get a head start on college. Good education and lots of travel as a high school team.

Honestly I wonder if thats the case too. 

They are a private International school so in a sense. They are a way less talented IMG. And they play some of the better teams in GA,OH and TN.  Its possible. 

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