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Review of Texas #1 Allen Eagles Part II


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As I mentioned before the game that I would not comment on the board but would give an overview like I did on them in week one.  First off I would like to commend the Eagles of La. Evangel Christian, class act good clean game with a talented bunch of kids. That DL is lights out and played without one of their stars.  #40 for ECA is a beast on the DL and #1 is a heckuva RB and will give people fits in La. They opened the season agsinst  IL #1 ESL and Tx #1 Allen both on the Road.  I will assure you not many teams going forward will shut that Offense down.  Allen did not give up a point on Defense.   Believe me for 3 qtrs. they gave Allen fits with that Defense.  Every time Allen went spread ECA dominated the OL and harassed the QB. Not a lot of time to toss the rock against that group.  And for those talking about their QB that kid was on the money but like I said Allen has one of the best secondary's I have ever seen in Texas.  Big Physical and they were separating those kids from the ball after it hit their hands.  #23 from ECA developed Alligator arms on some of those slants he didn't want anymore of that. :D And ECA laid the wood a few times themselves.  Now about Allen.  You will see in the video below what I meant by the size of this squad on both offense and defense.  This was the least attended and unmotivated crowd I have ever seen at Eagle stadium.  Nothing like week 1 vs. Cedar Hill I chalk that up to them not knowing about the OOS team and the people around me thought they were just going thru the motions and I kept saying that is an elite HS defense they are facing.  Allen is solid in all phases Offense is very adaptable and they can attack you on the ground, in the air or spread you out and hit you multiple ways.  RB Sturges is a beast #5 and QB is big and physical but kid has a high IQ on the field.  Now that defense.  For those that says Texas don't play defense why do OOS Teams not light us up and Texas Teams usually still hang up big numbers on them.  This defense for all the credit I give Evangel is a better unit than ECA and that is saying something.  This is Texas and they very well might not win State, but this is one heck of a football team.    I will let the video do the talking.  Still looking forward for when they meet the other Texas Powerhouses.  This is Devildog reporting in from Collin County and man I am so damn glad that I get to watch such great HS football in such a confined area.  To all of you good luck on your teams and your State.   Every team Allen has beaten OOS went to their State Championship games in their respective States.  Last year they beat the La. and Ala State Champs and didn't get it done here.   I missed the ECA KO return for a TD getting the Redskin some damn Nacho's.  :D


Check out the Eagles and look at their size.  


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ALLEN -- A stout defense and the power running of Brock Sturges carried Allen to a 28-7 win over Louisiana power Shreveport Evangel on Friday at Eagle Stadium.

Allen, ranked No. 1 in the state in Class 6A and No. 7 nationally, outgained Evangel, 332-78, but held just a 14-7 lead heading into the fourth quarter.

Then Sturges scored his second of three touchdowns with a four-yard carry for a 21-7 Allen. The score was set up when Allen's Nick Boone recovered a muffed punt at the Evangel 28.

After the Allen defense forced a four-and-out, Sturges broke a 60-yard run for a touchdown and a 21-point lead with 9:36 to play. Sturges, who finished with 175 yards on 14 carries, also had a 33-yard touchdown run earlier.

"We knew coming in that they [Evangel] have got a really outstanding defense and it showed tonight," Allen coach Terry Gambill said. "We've got to continue just to improve. We're where we need to be. We're 2-0, so what more can you ask?"

Evangel, a defending state champion ranked No. 2 in Louisiana, drove to the Allen 4-yard line with seven minutes left. However, Allen's TKai Lloyd intercepted desperation fourth-down pass in the end zone.

Allen's offense, following a 23-8 season-opening win over Cedar Hill, remains something of a work in progress. Allen struggled with nine penalties and one turnover.

"I'm very proud of how we hung in there and we just kept battling," Gambill said. "You've got to overcome adversity and we have the last two weeks."

Allen scored quickly on its opening drive by covering 61 yards in five plays, ending with a 33-yard touchdown run by Brock Sturges.

Evangel struck back immediately with Ardarius Washington returning the corresponding kickoff 100 yards for a 7-7 tie score midway through the first quarter.

Allen threatened again early in the second quarter, but Grant Tisdale's 20-yard pass into the end zone was intercepted by Washington, who ended Allen's previous drive by blocking a punt.

Allen reclaimed the lead with a seven-play, mistake-free drive ending in a 29-yard touchdown pass from Tisdale to Carson Schleker


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Individual stats

ECA Stats


Player Comp Att Pct Yds TD INT
Blake Shapen 7 12 58.33 47 0 0
Christian Bailiff 0 4 0 0 0 1


Player Att Yds Yds/Att TD
Tamauge Sloan 12 51 4.25 0
Christian Bailiff 3 35 11.67 0
Na'drian Dizadare 1 2 2.00 0
Cameron Pea 1 -1 -1.00 0
Ardarius Washington 1 -1 -1.00 0
Blake Shapen 6 -55 -9.17 0


Player Rec Yds Yds/Catch TD
Horacio Ruffins 2 26 13.0 0
Ardarius Washington 1 9 9.0 0
Christian Bailiff 1 6 6.0 0
Josh Walker 2 5 2.5 0
Tamauge Sloan 1 1 1.0 0



Allen Stats


Player Comp Att Pct Yds TD INT
Grant Tisdale 7 15 46.67 76 1 1


Player Att Yds Yds/Att TD
Brock Sturges 14 175 12.50 3
Kalon Gamble 4 28 7.00 0
Celdon Manning 5 26 5.20 0
Grant Tisdale 17 15 0.88 0
Demontre Thomas 3 13 4.33 0
Ian Davis 1 7 7.00 0
Team Stat 2 -8 -4.00 0


Player Rec Yds Yds/Catch TD
Brock Sturges 4 33 8.3 0
Carson Schleker 1 29 29.0 1
Theo Wease 2 14 7.0 0
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5 hours ago, Gospeeder said:

Looking at the stats, Allen steamrolled them.

Yes but a little misleading.  That's why you have to see a game to judge it. For instance notice I mentioned how good the RB for Evangel was kid wears #1 Tamauge Sloan he went 12 car 51yds 4.25 avg.  Notice the team only had 78 yards total and only 31 yds on 24 carries.  Misleading because the qb was sacked 6 times for -55 yds that takes away from their rushing.  That kid is tough between the tackles.  . They only way you can determine the flow of the game and the progress is to watch it live.  Allen did dominate but ECA had their moments.  They are a good team that played a Great team.   Allen wears you down and then the onslaught kept going in the 4th.  It was 14 - 7 at the start of the 4th. 

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