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SJR vs BC on MSG varsity game


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Just now, aZjimbo said:

I don't see it as that easy to predict. And don't forget about that BC defense. Might be 35-40 points scored by both teams. A 40-37 type game.

yep i agree. Its an emotional toss up lol I hate PC and ill never root for them but if BC keeps losing then maybe just maybe something changes in oradell

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5 minutes ago, LiberalDonaldTrump said:

No I said in preseason SPP and joes are different level than the rest ...patti is an actual D1 QB I highly doubt I see langan get any time at QB in college... thier Oline is a problem ... they got really good running backs and 1 OLB .. that's it .. thier coaching staff has to many chiefs not enough Indians...

Your giving too much credit to SJR. I agree with SPP. 

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Just now, LiberalDonaldTrump said:

Thier young,, Sharkey comes back from 30 day rule, 2 of the secondary just picked up Syracuse offers.. I'll take joes secondary over bergens , after watching thier last 3 games 

i think itll be a great game as usual between BC and SJR. Can SJR win yes they can but i wouldnt make it like its a guarantee. Like i said BC not overlook PC this friday night at PC

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