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Texanians, inquiry about Cy-Fair for upcoming 2018 season ...


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I am in the process of making a Preseason Top 50... Might expand to 100 as its getting hard to fit all the teams I want mentioned in a Top 50 ... As of right now Ive got no idea where to put Cy-Fair ...I had them at #8 Nationally in my Final Top 100 last year after that impressive beatdown of Waco Midway.

Cy-Fair is a team im not sure about though. They had a really tough team last year, going 15-0 & winning the 6A-DII State Championship over Waco Midway fairly easily. Midway was no pushover, as Id watched them the 2 weeks prior beat Southlake Carroll & Longview.  So, Im curious what Cy-Fair brings back this coming season?

Their workhorse at RB, Trenton Kennedy, is gone. He had 1,875 rushing yards last season. Their QB Cam Arnold is gone also. 

Although beyond that, I admit, I didnt know a lot about Cy-Fair as they kind of came out of nowhere. I havent paid close attention to any of the Cypress teams because none have had as successful of a season as Cy-Fair just had...

So what do they bring back? And where do you guys think they should be ranked in the state of Texas this Preseason? We are closer to Week 0 than most realize I believe. I think its because the Hoover 7on hasnt been on-going this year. Usually we use it to gauge how far out the season is... But that isnt the case this year.... We are barely 2 months out now... So its time to start talking about these teams.

So... Cy-Fair? Where do they stand?

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AND who might be 2018s Cy-Fair? A team that comes out of nowhere and wins a State Title. 

Some people mistakenly think if the teams that were highly ranked in the state preseason polls, dont pan out and arent highly ranked in the regular season, that it means the state is down. But thats the great thing about states like Texas & Georgia.... Theres always a few teams that come out of nowhere and surprise. In places like NJ & OH... Its always the same teams, and if those teams are down... Then it means the whole state is down because there are no other teams that could be good enough to take their place, especially if they werent noticed in the Preseason. --- Noonereal sticks out as a moron that believes crap like this. Hes called some states down, when their top Preseason teams werent as good as it was thought theyd be... But thats because other teams were just better. I know its not something that happens in NJ, so they dont know what to make of it.

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Cypress Ranch made 6A-DI Title Game in 2014 (lost to one of those Murray-led Allen teams).

That Cypress Area District is not chopped liver.  A couple years ago iirc...I think the area had like 4 teams from that area made it to at least the 3rd round.

As for this years Cy-Fair...Im in the dark atm lol.

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