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Day #583 of the American Left Collectively Soiling Itself


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Trump's forecast of 4% GDP growth close to coming true as Americans spend tax-bill proceeds

  • Surging consumer spending is driving GDP well above prior estimates, and it is now tracking near 4 percent for the second quarter.
  • That's almost double the pace of the first quarter.
  • Economists say the consumer is seeing the impact of the tax cuts and is spending, as a result of more disposable income.



New applications for U.S. unemployment benefits unexpectedly fell last week and the number of Americans on jobless rolls declined to a near 44½-year low
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4 minutes ago, concha said:

The hysteria amongst the Hysterical Middle School Girl Posse is the best free entertainment on the internet.

6 and 1/2 more years.

Can the girls maintain this pace?


Folsom won’t.  He’s headed for an 18-step recovery program.  12 won’t be enough.

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9 minutes ago, Bormio said:

Folsom won’t.  He’s headed for an 18-step recovery program.  12 won’t be enough.

This site is Block's life. No more pathetic person on the site. He's on here 18 hours a day averaging 50-60 posts begging for attention. I almost pity him.


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