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The liberal NY daily news with big layoffs


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1 minute ago, Drummer61 said:

Interesting and important as that is an old NYC paper.....In a very far left city run by a far left wacko mayor...Good....

They almost went bankrupt in 1993. And was last bought for 1 dollar. It's a failing newspaper. Only good thing about it is that it has a decent sports section

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4 minutes ago, Drummer61 said:

 Moved to Florida in 1997 and was surprised that NYC hadn't gone under....Taxes there  among the worst in America..

Upstate NY is dead. Rockland and Westchester is what it is. Some nice places some shitholes. NY last I read is supposed to lose 800k people over next few years 

Perfect example of the inept "leadership" that the idiots of NY keeps voting in


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