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Football in the 90’s


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I’m doing research for a project and am unable find info about high school football in the 90’s. Does anyone remember during which month tryouts were usually held? How long was the wait to find out whether you were in or not? Also, did captains’ practices exist back then?

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Tryouts were held two days before the first game in middle August. Usually on a Wednesday (unless you played in the Corky Kell, then you tried out on Thursdays) Very little wait time: in fact, If you made it through that Wednesday grind, you made the team. If you didn’t, well.. 

And of course. You ever see Star Trek? Captains have been around forever. Obviously they practiced, Kobayashi Maru ring a bell?

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in the 80"s water breaks were scarce.....Captains practice started  on 7/5.  3 x times a week until we went away for 4 cessions a day at overnight camp for a week, then double cessions until school started.  on top of that...if someone dogged it ....good chance practice would stop and we would run hills....huge hill at then of field......full pack...

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