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Hoover's biggest rival Vestavia head coach retiring after 43 years


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I remember him on the Georgia boards posting.   Have not heard from him in several years.  I personally did not know him.  He hated Hoover being a  Vestavia man. Rush pissed them off because he called them dirty on MTV. Vestavia has always had a bad reputation for chop blocking under Buddy Anderson. One thing Rush did was expose them on a national stage for chop blocking and most think Vestavia slowed down the dirty play.  It was common for them to get called for chop blocking 5 times a game which probably meant they did it 25 times a game. I know of several Hoover players who were hurt because of that style of Coaching. Many Birmingham area coaches used to complain about it.  Anderson also has probably the 2nd biggest pull with the AHSAA. He probably has had Hoover and other schools looked at 100s of times. He is the reason Hoover was filming new kids at their old and and new homes when they moved for proof so the AHSSA would have no issues.   

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