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Darwin Award winner of the week


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14 minutes ago, Cossacks said:

Apparently dumb asses 300k boat sank. Why not drive the F-150 and Wrangler into the lake to save it? Looks like he’s got a helicopter at the house as well, would have loved him try that attempt.


Property damage is not eligible for the Darwin award.....

And at least somebody in their comments is not sleeping...

Buyfire Jay 3 days ago

Maybe the whole thing is an insurance scam. "OMG, what are we going to do? We're cash poor, in debt with all this cool shit, and our gym is closed." Cue fat insurance check from "sunk" boat. Why not find a way to claim total losses on 3 vehicles instead of 1?


Not saying I don't 'trust' anyone...

but with the story lacking so many details, one would have to 'assume'....


PS: Either that.....or maybe the Repo guy was on the way? 🤔

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