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820 pound raw bench vs closing Thor Gripper


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Which would be more impressive? An 820 pound raw bench (current record is 775 held by Julius Maddox, he just missed 800 last month) or closing a gripper that’s never been closed and is far beyond the heaviest gripper closed to date? Closing this gripper would be the equivalent of deadlifting 3000 pounds. 

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I'm gonna go gripper, some of these benchers have short arms and big chests, 6 inches of travel from chest to lock out it seems. Being a tall athlete and long at 6'11"...I never broke 315 on the bench... then again someone with the right size hand may get it...but still I'm going with the gripper.

Gipper gotta be more impressive, deadlifting 3000 pounds...that's lala land numbers.


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