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The Memphis Tiger has 6 Louisiana prospects committed and 5 appear on the 2020 Maxpreps Preseason All State Teams.


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Memphis has read the memo, no doubt.

The Memphis Tiger currently has the #1 recruiting class in the AAC and #39 nationally....

Memphis had a great year last year and ended up #17 nationally losing in the Cotton Bowl to Penn St 53-39.



Rummel LB Kolbe Fields committed to the Memphis Tiger couple days ago...was committed to Oklahoma St.


Kolbe Fields


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2 minutes ago, HooverOutlaw said:

Has Rummel not been an LSU stronghold?

We (Rummel) have sent some good players to LSU........especially recently.

LB Kolbe Fields did not have a LSU offer......

Rummel RB Logan Diggs does not have a LSU offer, but that may change soon from what I'm reading.

He may end up at Memphis with Kolbe Fields....Logan Diggs is on the Louisiana Preseason Maxpreps All State team too.



LSU normally offers a lot of Louisiana kids at their camps which there have been no summer camps this recruiting cycle......kinda sucks for the locals with everyone wanting to play at LSU these days.

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Sorry, Rummel LB Kobie Fields makes the 6th Louisiana pledge for the Memphis Tiger.




The success Memphis has had in Louisiana is a big reason why the 2021 class is shaping up to be the best in school history. The class sits at No. 38 in the country after Fields' commitment, and there are still multiple highly ranked players that have Memphis in their top schools.

Although Louisiana has been a major success for the Tigers so far in the '21 class, they are very likely not done in the state.




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