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Route Running


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I swear every year I take a look at top WRs coming out of high school and these kids aren't running crisp routes.    These athletic freaks just running go routes.    I swear the most important trait of a WR is his route running!    People always say oh that's something they will learn in college or in the NFL!   I'm just not so sure about that.    Seems to me the kids that can't run really great routes in HS or college never really get it mastered at the next level.    

There's a reason guys like Van Jefferson and Jerry Jeudy are making so much noise in training camps.   They've mastered the most critical aspect of their position... route running! 


I'd be interested in knowing which guys you know of that were average route runners in college but were great at the next level.   I can't think of any?



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7 hours ago, BUFORDGAWOLVES said:

Recruiters look at athleticism 1st and foremost and a lot of programs don't like too much embedded skill taught at the high school level, especially if it's something they don't teach at the college level.



Cmon man running crisp routes and getting in and out of breaks isn't a bad habit!

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