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St.Peters Prep and Bergen Catholic are included in the Top 25 MaxPreps


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^ ... lol, where is this guy seeing this imaginary poll

The only thing out, which is CP...

6. Bergenonia Catholicication

14. Saintinian Josephine Regionalization

54. Saintinian Peteres Preparation

56. DePaulino

68. Donald Boscovian Preparation

125. Saintinian Augustinos Preparation

142. Paramuscle Catholicication

241. Timbertree Creekolis Regionalization

265. Manalapanorama

304. Popizius Johnathan XXIII

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10 hours ago, BobbySanchez said:

In a MaxPrep top 10 games video they released I saw SPP and BC players posing for a photoshoot, hence why I assume they are in the 25

It could've been a Photoshop for top games or team preview for maxprep or possibly top 10 for state

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43 minutes ago, BigNorthU2 said:

Rutgers 7v7...final 2 plays of SJR/DePaul..SJR gets off 2 plays in final 10 seconds.  Posted on twitter by keystone sports.  Let me know if the link works...pretty cool stuff


Ya it worked ... no other vids of these games?


and is there a list of teams that competed and the records ??

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3 hours ago, GardenStateBaller said:

Maybe in the Hardhit poll!!!

The rest of the world has BC #1 preseason almost unanimously. IMO any of the Fab5 could win the conference this season. 

I was high on DePaul a few months ago, but from what I hear they've been imploding during the offseason. 


Heres some advice.

Never be high on DePaul, and youll never be wrong.

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21 hours ago, LiberalDonaldTrump said:

Ya it worked ... no other vids of these games?


and is there a list of teams that competed and the records ??

Sjr and DePaul were in same brackets. Sjr knocked DePaul out of playoffs but sjr lost a close one to a 7v7 all star team so no team advanced from their bracket. Believe bosco advanced as did St. Peter's. spp went to semi finals I believe, doing the best out of the big north teams. My knowledge of this is sjr doesn't take this seriously like other teams because they use linebackers in coverage. The best teams use all corners and safeties and in the games I watched stern the OC did not use a whiteboard or charts. Neither did McKenna come to think of it. Perhaps that changed from the past. Anyway once again the teams that win in shorts don't mean much. The clip was cool though, didn't see anyone else posting stuff

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