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Southern Lab (Kittens) has 6 players in the Top 20 at their position-(scrimmage updates)


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Pretty impressive.

SUL trying to be a mini IMG Academy. xD

Southern Lab 

5* OG Kardell Thomas- #1 OG Nationally (LSU commit)


4* RB Tyrion Davis-##13 RB Nationally (LSU commit) 


4* LB Damone Clark #12 LB Nationally (LSU commit)


4* WR Reginald Johnson #15 WR Nationally (will end up at  LSU)



3* OC Cedrick Banks #13 OC Nationally (?)


247 sports doesn't show Banks offers yet. but Rivals has him for 8 or 9 offers, mostly mid-level at this point. I'll be glad when these knuckleheads start updating Louisiana.

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Southern Lab has 2 4* RBs now. They just updated Charvis Thorton's profile.

#18 rated RB in the nation. Lab has the #13 and #18 rated RBs in the 2019 class.



SO, Southern Lab now has 6 players ranked in the TOP 20 nationally at their position...



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39 minutes ago, TheRealCAJ said:


SO, Southern Lab now has 6 players ranked in the TOP 20 nationally at their position...



That may be a Louisiana record and not far from the national record. 


When the Caj say someone is loaded, they loaded.

NOW, can they play like somebody is the question...

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Using only 247sports... 5 prospects in the Top 20 at their position... and Graysons are ALL in the same class, not spread out over 3 classes like SLabs.


5* Owen Pappoe - #1 OLB Nationally

4* OT Wanya Morris - #5 OT Nationally

4* OLB Kevin Harris - #8 OLB Nationally

4* S Kenyatta Watson III - #18 S Nationally

4* ATH Ronald Thompkins - #19 ATH Nationally


And heres Marietta...

5* ATH Arik Gilbert - #2 ATH Nationally - http://247sports.com/Player/Arik-Gilbert-94709

5* WDE BJ Ojulari - #2 WDE Nationally - http://247sports.com/Player/BJ-Ojulari-46040436

4* QB Harrison Bailey - #2 Pro-Style QB Nationally - http://247sports.com/Player/Harrison-Bailey-83301

4* WDE Azeez Ojulari - #3 WDE Nationally


Theres 4 in the Top 3 at their position...



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1 hour ago, Frosty4024 said:

So is Lab to LSU in football what St. Martinsville area was to them in basketball?


Sidenote: That Final 4 team was fun to watch...

Looking like it. They may have 6 or 7 LSU prospects. 5* LB Chris Allen got away last year and committed to Alabama though.


CCS Prep (old SportsNola) has Southern Lab #29 preseason. 


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6 minutes ago, GardenStateBaller said:

That same season IMG beat BC, SJR and PC by 12, 12 and 8. Enough said. #nocomparison

Who cares?

This is 2017 and S-Lab probably has more talent than those 3 NJ  teams combined. 

Stick to NJ scrimmage threads, mooch.

You don't look like a fish out of water there.


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7 hours ago, TheRealCAJ said:

I can't remember anyone ever having 6 Top 20 players here..not even glory days Evangel.

Lab only dresses out about 45 players though. 1A sized school.


LBP's claim to fame in 2001 was 6 in top 10

dont ask me to provide links 

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That Poly team was stacked, no doubt. I remember it well.

Here's what Southern Lab looks like with the focus on 4* RB Tyrion Davis (LSU commit)-they must have about 10 or more different uniform combos. Keep in mind they are a 1A school and play in our smallest private division during the playoffs. (split)-they currently have 16 D1s.

Tyrion Davis

Jersey #: 3

Positions: RB

Height & Weight: 6'1" 215lbs

40 Yard Dash: 4.49

Vertical: 35

Bench: 305

185 Bench (Reps): 20

100 Meter Dash: 10.77


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I'm not really all that big on scrimmages, but S-Lab will travel 300 miles and 4 hours to Shreveport to scrimmage war with Evangel tomorrow night. Must be important to the Kittens and won't hurt them getting ready for their tough OOD schedule.

Rummel looked pretty good yesterday in their scrimmage vs H. L. Bourgeois. Threw it for almost a 1000 yards. xD

John Curtis scrimmaged St Pauls, but I haven't heard much reaction.

Most teams are just working on stuff and personnel during these scrimmages. Basically seeing who really wants to play.

The Jambs will be next week and that's a closer look at the finished product...


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Update from the Bayou Forum on Evangel/S-Lab scrimmage from an Evangel fan.



"I hate scrimmages because it is hard to keep up with.

I got there early enough to watch Evangel warm up and I was really impressed with the QB #5. He threw crisp balls and was on target both long and short. He was a lot shorter the our other QB #18 but he clearly looked to be the best passer to me. #18 actually looked real good as a receiver when they were warming up. When the scrimmage started, to my surprise #18 was the starter.

Anyway, they opened up with each team having the ball on offense for 18 plays or so. Southern Lab has the ball first. The had 6 series the first time because they couldn't move the ball and kept starting over at the 20. On the first play of their second set of downs they passed 10 yards to finally get a first down, and the speedy little receivers broke away from 4 Evangel defenders and left them in the dust for an 80 yard TD. 

The Evangel got the ball on on the very first down from shotgun the QB let the ball get away from him and roll to the end zone where it was whistled dead. Evangel started at the 20 again and drove for a TD to tie it up, but the QB kept mishandling the snap in the shotgun. Evangel used all their downs to score and did not get another series. 

On Lab's second possession they ran 4 series I think. They lost a fumble around their 25. On the last play of they possession they hit a long pass over the middle to get just past the 50. 

On Evangel's second possession I think they had three series. I think they moved across midfield once but never threatened to score. The QB must have had a least three dropped ball from on the shotgun snap. This portion of the scrimmage ended with each team scoring once. 

Then they began two running clock quarters with Lab getting the ball first. I think Evangel intercepted Lab around the 40. I am guessing Evangel's starting QB was hurt, which may be why he had so much trouble with shotgun snaps. #5 came in to QB and they punched the ball in for a TD and a 7-0 lead. Lab started another possession but could not move the ball and the quarter ran out. 

Evangel got the ball to begin the second quarter and drove down the field to make it 14-0. Lab got the ball and could not move. Evangel got the ball and moved across the 50 but time ran out. 

I am not sure what the last part of the scrimmage was, but Evangel started at the 20 went 3 and out, and gave the ball to Lab around the 35 with a terrible punt, Lab went backwards and turned the ball over on downs, And then I think Lab started at the 20 and could move and kicked to Evangel and then the game was over. 

It was in the mid 90 when I got there and the kids on the field were in the sun most of the time. I was surprised they did not take water breaks.

Maybe it was just Lab's defense the was slowing Evangel down. But if they play like that at Allen Texas, it is going to be a massacre."

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