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Maryland17 @ Ohio State 34 4rd qtr

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Baby bus (Littleton) 8 carries 35 yds.  Just got first down.  OSU 33.  

Sweet pass and catch.  First and goal.  QB drop back and keeper with acceleration.  He can motor. 9 yd TD.  Opening drive 3rd. 

17-10 MD 


Stats in half looked similar, but OSU only had 16 yards rushing.  

Same channel, weaker game later tonight   Mich-Minn 

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Jr has full game stats already.  PI called against him. 

2 other WR’s get touches and a rb gets in for the score.   17-17.  8:56 3rd 

They don’t need to run.  The under thrown pass to around the 2 , the qb had all day. OL doing its job on pass protection. 

Eichenberg.  That’s a good football name for a defender.  

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OSU starts at own 25.  Sweet hit by gunner (hit on returner) 

MD territory.  1st and 10 43

under 12 

unprotected pass rusher.  Big loss.  2nd and China after delay of game 

*Not sure Jr catch is complete, but Day gets nailed for 15 yds.  It was good.  Next play TD pass to TE.  Pat is good. 

*Highlight reel catch Harrison Jr by sideline.  

27-17 osu.  10:16 4th

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