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Sinclair News Show Axed After Host Threatens Sexual Assault On Parkland Survivor


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1 minute ago, Drummer61 said:

Demand to repeal, alter and not face the other issues with same  the resolve to snatch up weapons, may lead to much more of this...Those on the left might want to be more careful in what they are attempting to start...Those in Central and Northern Fla are getting very annoyed at the left and all are armed...Some in So Fla too,but not as many...Those libs  may want to take heed or arm up, because some want them to shut up...Many  want metal illness addressed with more gusto...All the school shooters were disturbed and had families that denied their condition,avoided it or worse...All the kids in this school New about Cruz, teachers did,FBI did, cops did as did his family and neighbors,.....Mental illness is the cause as is denial on the part of many...Politicians and the media are the worst and should be blamed for this as much as each parent of the shooters....But no, the truth is not being sought, but they may have to be taught...

You didn't address the point of the thread at all.

A radio host threatened to sexually assault a Parkland survivor because he doesn't believe in his message.

Is this acceptable practice from the far right?

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Just now, Drummer61 said:

Not good, but that sentiment is rising in certain place because of the reasons I stated..They always say politicians cause a lot of consternation and it's true,,,We must have term limits and Mcconell and Pelosi should be the first to go....Two scumbags....

Well sure. But radio hosts threatening to sexually assault those that they don't approve of their message?

C'mon man.

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