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Man shot inside Waffle House arrested for armed robbery


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We had an armed robbery at a Waffle House a couple days ago.

I care absolutely nothing about this story.

Just wanted to do a Waffle House thread. RedZone do NOT like to be left out! xD




New Orleans police have arrested a subject in connection with a Third District armed robbery.

Ernest Thomas. 19, is charged with one count of armed robbery and one count of attempted armed robbery that occurred in the 2900 block of Elysian Fields.

Thursday night, two men entered the Waffle House restaurant located in the armed with semiautomatic handguns.

One man jumped on the counter and demanded money from the cashier. The perpetrator took $8 dollars from a customer.

Thomas stood on the side by the counter covering the staff and serving as a lookout, police said. A customer who was armed with his personal firearm drew his weapon as the perpetrator approached, then ran from the scene.

Thomas turned toward the armed customer and pointed his weapon at the customer. The customer fired several times and Thomas fled from the business, police said.

The armed customer informed the detectives he believed he shot the subject.  The witnesses saw the subjects flee in a white Chrysler south on Elysian Fields Ave.

Detectives located a blood trail outside the business to the area where the waiting car had been parked. Detectives alerted local hospitals for any recent gunshot victims.

A short time later, detectives learned a someone with several gunshot wounds to the back and arm had been dropped off on the emergency ramp at University Medical Center. Officers determined the man who was shot was Thomas.

Detectives recovered the suspect’s bloody pants and sneakers which matched the description of the perpetrator.

Hospital security footage showed a white Chrysler which matched the description of the perpetrators vehicle pull on to the ramp at a high rate of speed and the suspect exiting the vehicle and walking into the emergency room.

The subject had been shot in the lower back, hip, and arm. Detectives checked with NOPD dispatch there had been no reports of gunshots in the city for the time period.

The investigation remains open and active. More charges may be filed against Thomas.

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5 minutes ago, HawgGoneIt said:

These Waffle Houses are pretty rough joints I reckon! Almost as rough as some elementary schools around the country. Jeeze!

Yeah, you ain't getting quality help or the best customer at 3 or 4 AM at a Waffle House. The whole damn place has a attitude.. 

Eat and order at your own risk....

Seems like a Waffle House gets hit here every other month. Some kind of BS, or something.

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22 hours ago, HawgGoneIt said:

These Waffle Houses are pretty rough joints I reckon! Almost as rough as some elementary schools around the country. Jeeze!


Miles Miller, a former star at Meridian (Miss.), is recovering after being shot in the leg at a Waffle House in Mississippi early Sunday

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