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Low energy threads *Public service announcement*

The Comish

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Dear members,

It has come to our attention that a few (1) of you have been violating board protocol by continuously attempting to resuscitate low energy threads.  While we understand that not every thread will catch the boards interest, it is incumbent on every member to let those said low energy threads die a peaceful death.

Artificial attempts to (bump) low energy threads will be called out as desperate attempts of force an unwelcome thread on the rest of us (for the sake of said posters ego), and frowned upon.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

-The Comish

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Dear members,

While I appreciate those who PM'd me to request to pin this note as a

*Public Service Announcement*

To be clear, this is a Public Service Announcement and not a thread.

I do not believe it will be necessary to pin this announcement since the main offender of starting Low energy threads has got the message (hopefully).

The interns were in the break room, mocking him for likening him to a guy who unsuccessfully tries to start the wave at the game, because of his continuous bumping of his threads.  They noted that over 40% of the posts in his low energy threads were the initiators own bumps.

We at Prep Gridiron would prefer that posters let their uninteresting threads expire  without extraordinary measures.

Of course I had to admonish the staff for their un professional behavior.  (the mere threat of sending them to cover HS sports in  Sacramento got them scurrying back to work)

Thank you all for your continued interest in our site.  And remember "if you see something, say something".

-The Comish

the wave wpid-Photo-Apr-25-2012-628-AM.jpg

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