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Parkland Deputy who failed to act, breaks silence

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12 minutes ago, Drummer61 said:

And the guy who killed Lincoln was a Democrat.....See, your becoming a desperate pot shot artist,who like the Mueller team is desperate and will find nothing of consequence ,is wasting the tax payers money and lastly, you have become in fact,the third kindergarten poster on the board...Desperately trying to throw stones and diminish anything you don't like.....What in Gods  name are your trying to do, don't you have a life...Jezzzzzzzzzz..... 👎👎👎👎  Your three are characters.....

Going back to the Clintons again?

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3 minutes ago, FolsomPrisonBlues said:

Spam King,

Show us the screen shot for where you Googled it.

Then I will post my proof.


You make shit up.  🤡🤣

If you knew and had proof, you'd have posted it.

Most people would be embarrassed getting caught like this. But then again, you're a California liberal.


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