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Mike Leach spends Father's Day arguing on Twitter about heavily edited Barack Obama conspiracy video

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23 hours ago, FolsomPrisonBlues said:

Are you guys THAT stupid?

You guys spread fake news all over the net and then claim its real!


Careful, Leach will bankrupt you back into your cardboard box under the overpass via litigation.

Leach is funny as shit.



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7 minutes ago, BUFORDGAWOLVES said:

What are you babbling about now, Chrissy?

I was just saying.....

In a way....

Leach has his law degree and he's....



Its Johnny. 

And Trump has a degree. He spread the fake news about Obama's birth certificate for years. 

Idiots can have degrees too. Just look at @conchas from Trump University. 

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Just now, Drummer61 said:

I never believed it......and Fox News with Bill Oreilly said nobama was born in Hawaii.

MANY people believed it and spread the articles all around the net.

Fox News gave HUGE publicity to the movement, knowing it was false, WAY before they came out and debunked it, AFTER they were proved wrong.

Face it- you are your peeps love fake news.

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1 minute ago, BUFORDGAWOLVES said:

I disagree to a point ^^^, MSM is in love with the ratings game not credible news...

Now those who were inflamed with Bammer, no different with those that are inflamed with Trump.

Sad state of affairs, where is the truth?



Fox News is more extreme on the right than MSM is on the left.

MSM promotes a liberal agenda but not blatant fake news like Fox does.

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