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LEFT WING whacko desparation!


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Not only do your clown ass DEM legislators propose, upon taking back the House of Reprehensibles, impeaching the PRESIDENT! They intend to impeach the Conservative Supreme Court Justices as WELL!xD You can't make this SHIT UP! We're already involved in a soft coup! Wait til the KNIVES come out on you fools!

As an aside, I wonder how sexy Lisa Page is going to look in an orange jump suit, now that she has refused to testify to the CONGRESS of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA?

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9 hours ago, GardenStateBaller said:

I will treasure this post forever!!! @Horsefly @DevilDog



Not real hard when you post sensible dialogue.  If you really paid attention to what @Horsefly and I post its not about supporting liberals it's usually a response to nonsensical rheroric and highlighting the hypocrisy.  We have each stated both party's suck and only fools subscribe to either.  Don't worry it's about time for them to switch ideology.  And cause idiots to declare the other more Racist.  Funny to me I see them equally.  And will gladly prove it when challenged.  By the way Fuck PaPa John's. CEO and Colonel Sanders.  I'm sure the former is a RepubliKKKan and the latter a DemonCrat yet both used the same disgraceful rhetoric  😎



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