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September 23, 2018 – Moultrie, GA

The Colquitt County Packers are now 6-0 after a 26-14 win over the Grayson Rams of Loganville, Georgia. In a hard fought game where the number of stars on team rosters seemed to matter less than who showed up to play football and who wanted the win more, it was Colquitt that prevailed in the end. (Packer Game Highlights Video Above)

The Packers were down 14-10 going into the half and had accumulated just 77 yards of total offense up to that point. On the flip side Grayson had cranked out 245 yards of offense. Despite obviously trailing in the game the tone and message from Rush Propst and the coaching staff to players in the locker-room was a very optimistic one. They knew something by that time in the game and it’s that “something” that separates average coaches from great ones.

Adjustments were made and plans were set in place that would see the Packers come out the second half and score 16 more unanswered points and not allow the Rams another point on the night.

The win over Grayson was the Packers’ sixth win over a top-10 opponent this season. “Our kids have been here before,” Propst said. “They always know they’re never out of it.” The Packers will host the Alcovy Tigers for their homecoming game this upcoming Friday night at Tom White Field at Mack Tharpe Stadium in Moultrie, Georgia.

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