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Ok. As a life long and hard core Buckeyes, here are some of my thoughts on the game.

Of course tOSU was lucky to win tonight. They slept walk through the 1st half and luckily found their groove late in the 3rd and 4th quarters offensively. But make no mistake, tOSU is a superior team to PSU -- who played nearly a perfect game for them (minus the last play call) and still lost at home.

I thought the Buckeyes offensive game plan to start the game was awful. They were facing a pumped up team with a pumped up 110K crowd and they didn't scheme to use the aggressiveness and Adrenalin against them? It took them 2 quarters to finally realize they needed to throw short, quick passes and screens to beat the blitz and get their athletes in space.

Then, I thought the defensive game plan the 2nd half and lack of adjustments to Trace McSorley consistently breaking the pocket -- usually right up the middle -- was laughable. I realize they are still adjusting to playing w/o Nick Bosa, but give me a break. How about mixing in some inside pressures??

Speaking of which, if the potential #1 pick in next year's draft had been healthy and played -- I firmly believe that McSorley wouldn't have been able to make half of the plays and rush yards he accounted for. #97 demands a consistent double-team which changes everything. And even then he's usually collapsing the pocket and creating havoc despite the double team. He's a true difference maker.

Luckily for tOSU they don't have a difficult schedule until #97 might be able to return. They're gonna need him because the defense was dreadful in containing a decent QB but not one to be confused with Vince Young or Michael Vick.

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One side topic. And I can say this w/o sour grapes since the Buckeyes won. But is there a worse rule than the NCAA's targeting rule?? Ok. Ok. I get that we have to make the game as safe as possible for the players. But there's no way for a defender to know -- in a fraction of a second -- that the player that just received the ball is going to turn, twist or fall thus lowering his head and suddenly become a 'defenseless' player.

What was Isaiah Prior supposed to do when KJ Hamler made that catch? If he completely holds up and doesn't make some kind of contact -- Hamler could have easily kept his feet and broke another long TD. No way Prior can know that Hamler was off balance to the point of falling down and lowering his head. What Prior did was not in any way egregious. It was incidental contact to his helmet with his shoulder. That's precisely why helmets have been worn for the better part of the past 80 years. Because incidental contact to the head happens.

I totally support penalizing and ejecting players that purposely lead with their head (spearing) or are making an obvious attempt hit above the shoulders and neck when it's avoidable. But in a bang bang situation when a defensive player is running across the field and the offense player changes his body position and in an instant lowers the target -- there shouldn't be a penalty. It's drastically affecting games.  </OFF MY SOAPBOX>

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22 hours ago, AztecPadre said:

The game was great. Just hated how it ended with that stupid play call. Reminded me how I felt on the last show of the Sopranos. You just sit there yelling at the tv "THAT'S IT!!!!???"

OSU twice and USC last season; three games in the last three seasons PSU shit the bed with a 12+point lead.  PSU has it going on but I really think James Franklin needs to cut his buddy Brent Pry loose and go deep with an experienced and true defensive guru.  Not sure why PSU came out with all that fancy-ass bullshit either, their line is pretty stout so run the fucking ball straight ahead first and see what happens.  Oh well, shit happens.  #2 for OSU is a beast on defense, all over the field on seemingly every play.

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