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What’s the next bombshell looney dems will drop?


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48 minutes ago, NorCalRuss said:

No Russia , no golden showers, no economy collapse, no nuclear war, no attempted rape,.....

What’s the next bombshell to drop this Monday or Tuesday? 

Trumps taxes again ....?

The collective dem daily faceplant is actually quite impressive. There is no shame whatsoever left with that party. It’s just hysterical verbal diarrhea now.  

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51 minutes ago, NorCalRuss said:

You-we  just know something “yuge” is in planning...

For sure. There’ll be some kind of last ditch effort before the vote which will result in another epic faceplant. Once Kavanaugh is confirmed, they’ll regroup...THATS when we need to be on high alert. We need to get out and vote, be vigilant, and be prepared to repel these predictable attacks on our country’s principles by these domestic terrorists.

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5 hours ago, Nolebull813 said:

All of that is frozen so the Dems can go full force obstruction on Kavanaugh. 

If he gets confirmed, look for some meltdowns and pussies whining for a week, then the gear will be shifted back to Mueller 

Have you ever been to occupy Democrats page on FB? I question how these people are even Americans. Things they post and believe are mind blowing. Same as the loonies on this page. 

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