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Hybrid Trump: Cal Worthington, Reverend Ike and Vince McMahon


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For years the best used car salesman, the best hyperbole of all in Southern California-even Johnny Carson joked about him-was Cal Worthington.  He was without peer.  He could sell rust as a paint job and many believed him with their pocketbooks and credit cards.

On Sunday mornings the loudest, most promising of all those who led legions of believers was Reverend Ike.  Seemingly a minute did not pass by without him asking for a donation.  Live through him:  his gold, his Brioni, his Zegna, his Ferrari, all could be yours'.  Collectively those who watched and breathed with his every word would contribute and their collective mass funded his opulence.  

Then there was the loudest of all, Vince McMahon.  (HIs wife who Trump appointed.)  A braggadacio that fans passionately booed and he played to this.  In fact he sold out an arena and several million on television when Trump (yes, that Trump) literally shaved his head.

All three of these are the caricature that now is Trump, who promises the world, wraps himself in our flag and insists that he will "drain the swamp."  Never mind that he filled it with his thick, oozing, noxious, discoloring stink.  He wants you to believe that it is a good stink.  A perfume, of sorts, if you will.

The Trump stink which he insists smells right, smells good.

Yet some of us know there is a stink that cannot be mistaken,  A rot that slides down your throat.  A rot that is which Trump spews.  In Reverend Ike's cloths and gold, with Cal Worthington'sloud  promise and Vince McMahon's arrogant character.  The only thing they missed is the American flag which Trump wraps himself in.

and hides behind...

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Damn it is Sunday May 21st and we are all still here. Big Drop Nostradamus you are not.  So far according to you the world was ending when Trump was elected. Then it was Chinese then the North Koreans then the Russians now Saudi Arabia. Keep hoping he fails sooner or later the world will end. Not everyone can be wrong all the time. Good job.

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