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Rummel RB Logan Diggs will commit at 4pm: USC or Notre Dame..


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12 minutes ago, ngdawg said:

I feel like he would have had better success at USC, especially with their history of putting RBs in the NFL. Notre Dame is not a bad choice however.

Hard to say.....Win, win at either school.

Diggs was a priority commit for Notre Dame and he's the first RB commit for the Irish this year, I believe.

Proud for him...good kid.

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2 hours ago, RedZone said:

Jackson Dennies (Rummel)...our stud pitcher/catcher committed to Notre Dame baseball as well.

Rummel had a great shot at winning state in baseball. ..a real shame for these kids.

Singing the Covid-19 Blues....just isn't letting up.

Hoover was ranked #2 in the state when they cancelled baseball.

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1 hour ago, RedZone said:

Not that anyone really cares, but here's a small clip of Notre Dame RB commit Logan Diggs from last year.

at any

You should check out Tyler Goodson (North Gwinnett) highlights. He graduated after the 2018 season and is currently at Iowa, but his highlights at North Gwinnett were insane. He was definitely underrated.

I was thinking about making a highlight reel of his plays because this video doesn't even cover a tenth of the plays he made at North Gwinnett. There are countless videos of his Iowa highlights nowadays and he has only played there for 1 year.

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