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Silver Oak Academy (MD) Might Have the Nation's Oddest Schedule


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Silver Oak is a juvenile detention/rehabilitation school with about 60 boys in rural Maryland. They are not a member of the state association or any conference so they have to fill a full schedule every year. Their schedule is the strangest mix of games against nationally relevant teams and games against teams no one has heard of, with a game against a French-Canadian team playing Canadian rules in Quebec thrown in as well. I thought it was worth a look.  


Silver Oak Academy:

Scrimmage (8/12)- Hillcrest Academy (OH) [OH version of Silver Oak, OH Division VII, 8-3 in 2016]

Week -1 (8/18)- at Seminarie Saint-Joseph de Trois-Rivieres (CN) [French Canadian team playing Canadian rules]

Week 0 (8/26)- at Calvert Hall [MD MIAA A, 7-5 in 2016]

Week 1 (9/2)- Hollidaysburg (PA) [PA Class AAAAA, 6-5 in 2016]

Week 2 (9/8)- at Boonsboro [MD Class 1A, 9-2 in 2016]

Week 3 (9/16)- at Kingsman Academy (DC) [DC Public Charter, no team in 2016]

Week 4 (9/23)- at Fort Hill [MD Class 1A, 14-0 in 2016, 4x defending MD 1A state champions, 54-1 in last 4 years]

Week 5 (9/30)- at Allegany [MD Class 1A, 10-2 in 2016]

Week 6 (10/6)- at Walkersville [MD Class 2A, 14-0 in 2016, 2016 MD 2A state champions]

Week 7 (10/14)- at Sidwell Friends (DC) [DC/MD/VA MAC, 3-6 in 2016]

Week 8 (10/20)- Caravel Academy (DE) [DE Division II, 8-4 in 2016]

Week 9 (10/27)- at Green Street Academy [MD Independent, 1st Varsity Season, 4-3 in 2016]

Week 10 (11/3)- Saint Frances [MD MIAA A, 10-2 in 2016, MIAA A champions]

Week 11 (11/11)- Friendship Collegiate (DC) [DC Independent, 10-2 in 2016, DCSAA Class AA "state" champions]

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36 minutes ago, LiberalDonaldTrump said:

Sjr played them I believe.... felt like the team would rather beat u up than wanting to win the game


they had some athletes but were somewhat uncoachable .. let's of penalties very chippy 

They're usually lacking significantly on the line of scrimmage as well.

Coach McLeod, their HC, is an awesome guy and does everything he can for the kids. He has to deal with having the kids there year round and losing or gaining kids whenever their sentence is up. Totally different team every year because of it.

Silver Oak is privately run, unlike the other state juvenile facilities, and has a much better track record than the state facilities. Per a Baltimore Sun article, only 2 of Silver Oak's 69 students released after 2015 committed crimes withing a year of release versus almost 50% of those in the state system. Whole article is a pretty interesting read actually: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/investigations/bs-md-silver-oak-academy-20160618-story.html

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6 hours ago, sportsnut25 said:

Pretty interesting schedule and even more interesting that they are going to Canada (and playing by Canadian rules.) 


Had a chance to go to Canada for a spring exhibition game at the D-III level. We went to Montreal and played a school up there. Really great experience and the game was interesting too. We played under a mix of US/Canadian rules:

- Canadian Field (120 yds long, 65 yds wide, 20 yd deep endones, goalposts in the front of the end zone)

- 4 downs instead Canada's normal 3 downs

- US team on offense: 11-on-11, standard NCAA rules

- Canadian team on offense: 12-on-12, standard Canadian rules

- US punt/PAT: 11-on-11, standard NCAA rules

- Canadian punt/PAT: 12-on-12, standard Canadian rules

- All punts fair caught (Canada has no fair catch rule), no kickoffs (because it was a spring exhibition game)

- Rouge (1-pt for punt/PAT not returned out of end zone) only applicable on PATs since punts were fair caught

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