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( Social Media ) Has Feminism Caused Beta Males To Become More Desirable ? by WHO+Deen=E? Author of The Beta Male Bible 👑

In the past, women have always been attracted to the BAD BOYS or what we now refer to as ALPHA MALES.

Even though it is safe to say that they are usually the players, the dead beat dad's , abusers and overbearing dominators.

But in this current age of feminism, "alpha women" are no longer bowing down to male domination .. and because of this, the spotlight is now being placed on the GOOD GUYS which we now refer to as BETA MALES.

But what is a beta male ? Definition And what makes them the perfect companion for today's modern woman ?

Up until now, Alpha male propaganda has devalued beta males - painting them as weak, soft and simps. But in order to dominate the dating scene you have to devalue the competition.

But thanks to feminism, the tide is shifting and many women are now wondering - who are these mystery men ? ... 

This newly created twitter page was designed to set the record straight. And introduce to the world what few already know to be - "the perfect guys" - and now you can decide for yourself.


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