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I agree. What the fuck is this new phenomenon that every teacher nowadays has to be some green-haired, animal crossing playing, pussy hat wearing, 5 cat owning, fat, left wing radical?? 

When I went to school teachers just look like your average Joe. Just normal people trying to teach facts without opinions. You would never know your teachers political ideology. 

it’s almost as if these extremists are hand-picked with discriminatory practices

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I had a magot infested global cooling believing ponytailed hippy english teacher in the mid 70's.I walked into class after gym (showers were required back then)still a bit wet wearing a white t shirt & carrying a sweater.He demanded that I put on my sweater because of HIS class dress code.I pointed out 3 hippy dudes in the room with t shirts & he walked to my desk.He grabbed my wrists to show off his hippy strength & as a wrestler I reversed the grip & could have had him say uncle.He sent me to the principal who never missed a wrestling match home or away.We spent 20 minutes talking about wrestling & how much we hate hippies.Luckly the Abby Hoffman loving paisley wearing freak gave me a B for the year.

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