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SJR vs SJP scrimmage today


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Just now, Drummer61 said:

This may in fact be a clear message that Bosco football is on the back burner....Teel better take notice and if he has a great year, move on if an opportunity comes his way....Let Sweeney have his dream....

Whats Sweeney dream? Why doesnt the alumni step up and try to force Hesuer out?


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8 minutes ago, GardenStateBaller said:

Maybe you should put your DBP fandom on the back burner. As an alum, you're either IN or OUT regardless of leadership. And if you're out, stay out!! Forever. 

That is true....You've not been around Toal for a few years. He's in a good place, coaching young men. I believe the high school football landscape has changed(recruiting, media, etc) and he didn't (remember the USA today article)

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1 minute ago, Drummer61 said:

No, but you watch as long as Heuser is there and after this year you will see.. Wow,GSB got fired up..Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Love it.... Transfers mean a lot,yes,but when was the last time or how often in the last 5-6 years has Bosco lost freshman got whacked...I also am free to express any sentiment I choose,remember that...

2 years ago....they disbanded the Freshman coaching staff (another coach that didn't stay with the times).

The non-varsity teams have always been the red headed step child for Toal, with the influx of new coaches last year that changed. Focus on the up and comers. Remember in the early 2000s Toal had the pick of the litter, because everyone wanted to play for DBP, now the word is parity.

One thing I noticed at practices is that when the Varsity runs at the end of practice, almost all the coaches go and work with the JV team

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