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Archbishop Rummel at Escambia cancelled.


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Some have cancelled games on the Panhandle evidently.


Hurricane Irma threat alters PNJ-area high school football schedule


Gov. Rick Scott’s directive to close all public K-12 schools, state colleges, state universities and state offices Friday through Monday has altered the schedule for area high school football teams, with some deciding to go ahead with Friday night’s games.

The Pensacola News Journal could confirm that at least two games would be played on Friday, both involving Escambia County schools – Pensacola at Washington and New Orleans Archbishop Rummel at Escambia.

“We are on, (Rummell) is coming this way,” Escambia High coach Mike Bennett said. “The team is coming, but the band and cheerleaders will not.”

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The county right next to Escambia (Santa Rosa) has cancelled games and won't let their teams play the Escambia County teams. 

Tate was supposed to play Gulf Breeze, but GB can't travel a few miles to play them. It's bullshit how half the state is playing football, and the other half refuses to let their counties play. 

There is no rhyme or reason. 

Escambia is gonna realize real fast that Rummel is not Shaw!!!

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I would think the liability if anything happens storm related after the Governor declared a state of emergency and told every school to close would be enormous.  I'm surprised any system is moving forward.  yes, I know nothing might happen in the panhandle but this storm is so big who knows.

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