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5 dimes Week 4 lines


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5 minutes ago, Mjd33 said:

Neal, damn your quick. You just refreshing 5Dimes all day on your browser ? 

Disappointed no BC/MD line.... 

Lol nah I wish.  I've been playing high school for 4 years on 5 dimes and have kind of learned when they going post there plays and on which games.  So before they even post the lines. I kind of know what I think the line should be so when it post I can get in it early.  Cause usually every $50 play they move the line 3 points. 

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1 minute ago, Neal said:

I don't mean to sound cocky or nothing.  But i tend to notice that when I put down a wager.   Last week when I took central.  Took them at 28 1/2, 25 1/2, then 22 1/2 all right after each other.  But I could be wrong. 

It takes a lot more money to move a line 3 points than 50 bucks. 

Many people were taking central ... not just you. 

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